Wildwood School


The mission of Wildwood School is to educate students with autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments and complex learning disabilities by developing skills to live, work and recreate at their highest level.


Our vision is to be recognized as a school of distinction rooted in best practice.


Wildwood is a non-profit, private school approved by the New York State Education Department that is certified to educate students ages 3-21. The school provides a comprehensive educational program for students to prepare them to be as independent as possible. There is a blend of academic, social, employment and functional skills that are taught to each student driven by their IEP, needs and interests. Each classroom has one teacher and up to 5 teaching assistants depending on student numbers.


The school is comprised of four program levels: Elementary, Intermediate, High School and Young Adult.  Although the entire school is one learning community, each program level functions as its own Professional Learning Community with the emphasis on student and staff learning.  Essential outcomes for each level are established with on-going common formative assessments used to drive our instruction based on the data.


We provide many support and related services to students and family members such as, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, speech and language pathologists, behavior specialists, nurses, work based learning, transition coordination, technology support, physical education, music therapists and art enrichment.


There are two locations in three buildings during the school year: Curry Rd and two buildings in Latham. During the summer there is an additional location in Altamont that provides an outdoor educational setting. All classes for young adults ages 18-21 are located in Latham both during the year and in the summer. Other program levels for students who attend classes at Curry Rd during the year may have the option of attending program in Altamont in the summer if it is appropriate based on their needs and goals.

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NOTE:If school is closed due to snow/emergency, announcements will be made on 810 AM, WGY Radio& Television Channels 6, 10 and 13,  and through the automated "OneCallNow" system.
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