Wildwood as it is today would not exist were it not for the advocacy efforts of many dedicated and resourceful individuals. Similarly, the future availability of high quality services for individuals with neurological impairments, learning disabilities, and autism can only be ensured by the ongoing efforts of experienced and newly involved advocates alike.

To facilitate the work of those who advocate for our people, Wildwood's Board of Directors established the Government Advocacy Committee. This group meets regularly to discuss issues pertinent to the services people with disabilities need to lead lives in which their productivity and independence are maximized. We strategize around efforts that will promote the public policy that is required to make those services a reality.

We invite any interested persons to get involved with our efforts. The easiest way to do so is by joining our public mailing lists. Information about these lists can be found below.



Mailing Lists

The following lists are public mailing lists and anyone is welcome to join. Subscribing to a list is done through a completely automated process. You will need to send an empty message addressed as specified below to become a member. There is a confirmation process which is described in a message you will receive after sending your subscription request.


Advocacy Announce


This is a low traffic list used by Wildwood's Government Advocacy Committee to send out information about advocacy efforts and requests for advocacy assistance. Joining is a great way to learn what is happening policy-wise that could affect services for people with disabilities.
You can join this list by sending an empty e-mail message to


Advocacy Discuss


This is an unmoderated list where members can have an open and civil discussion about policies that impact, or could potentially impact, services for people with disabilities. While the list is designed to be open and free-flowing, we do request that the discourse remain both on-topic and civil.
You can join this list by sending an empty e-mail message to



Note that if you ever wish to remove yourself from any of our lists, you can do so on your own. Instructions are included at the bottom of each message posted to the list.
Wildwood Programs, of course, retains the right to remove any participants of our mailing lists who misuse the service.


Find Your Elected Officials

An important part of advocacy is knowing how to contact your elected officials so that you can make them aware of your interests and views. In an effort to make it easy for you to do this, you can enter your Zip Code below and press the appropriate button.

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