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By Melinda Burns


    For many people, taxes can cause dread and stress. This year was especially challenging and  brought many changes to tax preparation. Three factors to remember for next year that help with the tax process remain constant: organizing financial documents, obtaining accurate tax preparation and evaluating the amount of withholding for next year.

    Last issue we reported on the ongoing strategic planning process. We are happy to report that the 2019-20 Strategic Plan has been completed and approved by the Wildwood Programs Board.

    For more than a year, Wildwood staff, the people we support, families, volunteers and other stakeholders, began work on the organization’s next strategic plan. A strategic plan is a written guide of the direction that the organization intends to take in the next few years. It involves examining the current environment for threats and opportunities before developing a plan to address the future.

By Michelle Singh, LMSW


    Wildwood Programs and The Rudy A. Ciccotti Center (also commonly known as the Ciccotti Center) have developed a new partnership to benefit Wildwood employees and the individuals supported by Wildwood.

    The partnership was initiated from a training provided by Michelle Brown, Coordinator of Integration and Advocacy, to 20 employees of the Ciccotti Center about how to best support individuals with disabilities as they utilize the services at the center. Scott Bergen, director of the center, has a long history with Wildwood from his own father’s experiences working in one of the residences. He realized that it was not only very possible to integrate folks with different needs within the community, but also could be accomplished more seamlessly.


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