By Shameka McDuffie, HR Coordinator

    Human Resources is doing everything they can to speed the hiring process so we can get quality people on board as fast as possible. First and foremost, we’ve eliminated reference checks!

    Yes, you heard me right. With the new pre-hire process, HR has contracted with a third party, Commercial Investigations, that will now check references and education requirements.

    So, what does that mean for our managers?

    The first step in the new pre-hiring process is to pick the right candidate. Once you have interviewed and want to move to hire, a manager can provide the candidate with the link to the SEL/OMIG clearance and have them fill it out. Once HR receives that, the clearance will be run and the manager will be informed when the candidate has cleared. While a manager may be scheduling and conducting a second interview, I will start the rest of the clearance process and get them the pre-hire paperwork and the link from Commercial Investigations for them to complete and return back to me in HR. HR will take care of the offer letters and setting the new employee up with an orientation date once all their clearances are back. This new process is to reduce the burden on hiring managers and minimize the time from start to finish for new hires.

    This is a pilot process and changes may come, but what won’t change is the ability to give hiring managers the opportunity to focus more of their attention on other things in their program and allowing CI and HR to handle the rest. All kudos go to Matt Waskovics and the entire HR team for making this new pre-hire process happen. It is time to spend less time on reference checks and more time on getting the right candidates to bring into your programs.

    Hope you are as excited as we are here in HR!

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