By Dorit Amitay, Parent

            It all started with me just being happy to find a yoga class for Keshet. There aren’t many options in regard to fun physical activities for girls on the spectrum in our area, so I decided to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be a great match! It was wonderful to see how Keshet willingly responded to Michelle's routine, and followed her directions. She has improved over time within the sessions, and is very proud of her achievements!

            I couldn't believe my luck when Michelle offered to come to our home and give Keshet Body Gym's private sessions! I am familiar with this approach and love it, but I couldn't find anybody in our area who specializes in it. When Michelle started working with Keshet in our home, I could tell right away that it would be a great match-the one-on-one practice was key. It was also great to see the unique bond that developed quickly between Keshet and Michelle. 

            Michelle modestly claims that the success of the training comes from the approach, but I believe that the success comes from Michelle's great personality and her attitude. Michelle consistently treats Keshet with respect, and is always sensitive to her needs; she makes Keshet feel special. Keshet can sense that she is being treated with consideration, given options and encouraged to make the final decision regarding the chosen activity for the session. 
            Michelle's weekly visits to our home quickly and naturally developed into a wonderful friendship between Michelle and I. Not only did we find Keshet a talented and a devoted therapist who I will never be able to thank enough, but I gained a new friend who has become like family!

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