Since Wildwood was founded, college students have made up an important part of our Workforce. Many of our longest term employees started at Wildwood during summer months or working part-time while going to classes.

    Today, as finding quality staff gets increasingly challenging we are turning once again to college students. This summer we need staff for the Wildwood School Summer Extension program, better known as Camp Wildwood, and there are part-time openings in both Community Habilitation and In-home respite, and some potential substitute positions throughout the agency.

    We have already been active at college fairs and in visiting college classes to let students know about Wildwood, about what we do and how they could be part of it. Human services, social work psychology and other people-oriented majors are  ideal but all students who have an interest in working with people would qualify.

    In many ways, working at Wildwood is the ideal part-time college job. You get to work with people, you get to learn new skills, you get to build your resume for a career in human services and you get the satisfaction of helping. Some jobs  have very flexible hours, allow the staff to be very creative and focus on the interests of both the staff member and the person they're going to support.

    If you're a college student and you're interested, please contact Michele Hall our recruiter or ask anyone you know who works at Wildwood. If you're a family member and you know someone who might be interested, please talk to them about working for us. Some of our best staff got started in what they thought was going to be a part-time position and it turned into a lifelong career.

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