Mosaic Village, a project developed by ALG with the city of Cohoes, is a beautiful, new facility that features a kitchen and dining area, a smaller living space with a television, a common community space, a workout room and a mirrored studio. Located in Cohoes, the Village is near a bus stop and completely accessible. Adult Education is currently scheduling programming with ALG that will be offered in the space and open to the public.   

    This fall, Adult Education will hold several classes in the afternoon and evening at the Mosaic Village complex. In October, Friends Connection, a social class, will host a Gathering Party in the common community space. In November, students will be baking in the kitchen. Throughout the semester, small group budgeting classes will be offered. 

    For spring semester, classes, such as weight training, dance and yoga, will be added. Collaborative work with other community partners as well as many other exciting opportunities are also being planned.

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