This October, Wildwood recognized Community Care Physicians (CCP), the largest independent multi speciality group in the Capital Region for their partnership and commitment to workforce inclusion and diversity. 

Wildwood hosted the event with CCP's Human Resources, Albany Family Medicine and Marketing Offices in attendance. The event highlighted the significance of CCP's efforts to hire people with disabilities and use Wildwood's Employment Services as a resource for staff recruitment and retention. The hope is that CCP and Wildwood's relationship can serve as a model for how healthcare industries can work with social service organizations to create healthy, employed communities where everyone benefits. 

Shannon Clark is an Office Clerk at CCP who receives job coaching from Wildwood. She stated, "I love [my job]. I come to work happy. I put all my troubles aside. I don't let my learning disabilities get to me. I get through all of my tasks really quickly [and] I love the people I work with."  Her job coach, Susan Carr said, "All the staff has made Shannon feel welcomed and part of their team. [Transito, an employee of CCP], has gone above and beyond with her intuitiveness and works closely with me to give Shannon feedback." 

Kristen Parent with Albany Family Medicine stated, "Thank you Shannon for being such a contribution to this team. Your consistent, positive personality, your hard work ethic, your ability to learn and apply new skills quickly has really impressed us. We have given you extra responsibilities that we didn't know you could take on when we first hired you [and] expanded your work hours since we needed extra help... We value a positive work environment and you definitely contribute to that." 

Andrew Rodrigue, Director of HR stated,"Honestly when we first won this award it felt weird that we won something that is such a benefit to us. Shannon's effort has been nothing short of outstanding for Albany Family Practices and CCP and we couldn't ask for a better example for how this win-win works. It's rare these days that we have a win-win situation and we are proud to be partners with Wildwood." 

Wildwood looks forward to continuing this wonderful partnership with CCP. Congratulations!

For more information on Wildwood's Distinguished Partner Award and becoming a partner visit 

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