The James L. Meader Little Theater at SAGE College stage came alive with creativity and confidence on Saturday, June 3rd . This semester, actors enrolled in the Theater Arts class, through Adult Education, tried their hand at creating concepts, writing collaboratively, acting in and directing a wide variety of the entertaining scenes. The results were astounding!

    “This was the best show yet!” exclaimed one long time theater attendee at the end of the show. “The actors were so enthusiastic and excited about showing us their finished work.”

    That feeling was echoed by all of the cast members as they reveled in the accolades they received. “This is what it’s all about! This is why I perform,” said Taylor, a student in the Theater Arts class. “All that hard work paid off!”

    Those outcomes are exactly what the funders who support the Community Integrated Arts program hoped for. Grants received from the Lucille Herold Trust and the Review Foundation allow creative arts to flourish in Adult Education and the community. Besides Theater Arts, this semester also featured drawing, painting and sculpting classes.

    “Students absolutely love these classes. They are offered the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn new skills. We often hear students say that they never knew what they could do until they tried,” said Melinda Burns, Director of Adult Education.

    The Theater Arts performance was the culmination of a semester’s work, open to the public and avidly supported by the community. Students met weekly and also worked outside of class to edit scenes, learn lines and find props.

    “We always present something new and different to challenge students and have them reach outside of their comfort zones,” commented Ron Glasser, Theater Director. “This show really hit the mark!”

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