The beginning of each new school year is an exciting time. It is a chance to start fresh and apply what we’ve learned from previous years. This year we have quite a few new initiatives that I am confident are going to have a positive impact on our students and our families.

     One of the things I’m most excited about is our new communications platform, ParentSquare. There’s a whole article dedicated to it in this issue so I won’t go into great detail here but I want you to know that it is a simple to use application that will make staying in contact with families, teachers, school districts and administration much easier. It can all be done from an app and it will be a vehicle for pushing out everything from individual classrooms, to school-wide announcements. I invite you to take a look at the article in this digest for greater detail. 

     We have started the process of using the Essential for Living curriculum (EFL). It is a skills-based curriculum that focuses on functional skills and behavior. I salute Pam Baker, our Instructional Coach, who is heading up this initiative and has worked very hard in bringing it to school. There is an interview with Pam in this issue that explains EFL in greater detail.

     Managing the comings and goings of our buses has always been a challenge. It is no small deal because it involves the safety of our students. We’ve streamlined the process by using our side parking lot for some students drop offs and pickups. It has made a big difference in our day!

     Our greenhouse in the back of the school has been renovated thanks to the efforts of Rich Daley. With the help of this community volunteer it has been fixed up and ready for new and different projects. Gardening is a great activity for students and watching their handiwork grow and flourish is really rewarding.

     And as always, if you have any comments or questions around the school or just some feedback, please reach out.

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