Wildwood School has a new communications platform this semester. ParentSquare is the leading platform used by schools in the United States and it is designed to promote communication among families, teachers, administrators and districts, all in one application.

     “It is a wonderful tool that will help us improve our communication with our families and school districts we work with. It will also enable families to connect with their child’s classroom staff,” William Clooney, School Director, says.

     You will receive communication from either email or text or both depending on your preference. Urgent alerts from the school can be sent school-wide and to all families about emergencies or school closings, quickly and efficiently. It can also keep families up to date on fun activities and events at school that no one wants to miss.

    “Communication with our families is so important. In today’s world, it has to be quick and efficient. Having it all at our fingertips, in a format that is easy to understand really makes sense. We will be sending test alerts in the near future to ensure its accuracy.

     We ask everyone to please be patient as we continue to make communications improvements,” William Clooney says.

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