Staff at Wildwood often come up with their own inventive, interesting ways to teach new skills and help problem-solve different challenges an individual may face. Last month, two members of the residential staff — Ashley Cook and Leslie Malloy — recognized that one of the residents they supervised did not fully understand the difference in what to do when a fire drill occurred vs. when there was an actual fire. So, they teamed up to help educate the individual in a different way.  

Last week, Wildwood's Director of Adult Education Melinda Burns —along with adult education teacher Diane Teutschman and student Marcie DeCerbo, visited the Carla Page Show. 

The group discussed how Wildwood helps people "live their best lives" through the adult education program and other various supports. 

You can watch the full interview by clicking here!

Wildwood's Music Therapy program was recently featured on the morning segment of News10, Wake Up With 10, when reporter Ben Ryan joined music therapists Amy Myers and Jeff Starace to learn more about the practice and benefits of music therapy. 

Amy and Jeff showcased some of the individual and group activities that happen within the classroom — and music studio!  — at Wildwood School. These activities include playing the piano, singing along to popular, familiar songs, and gathering a group around a big table drum. Music activities are typically catered to individual needs, with the goal to match where someone is at emotionally. The sounds can provide a sensory stimulation or calming effect, the songs themselves can help with language skills, and group activities can improve social skills. 

To watch clips from the broadcast, and to learn more, check out:

If you're looking for some sensory-friendly activities, check these out! It is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure of scheduling.

Regal Cinemas does movies twice a month. They are showing a sensory-friendly version of "Kung Fu Panda" on March 5. Call for times.

Bowtie Cinemas schedules showings from time to time. Visit their website for updates.

Adrenaline Trampoline will have their next special needs night on 3/17.

The Museum of Science and Technology has a Sensable Science day on 2/23.

This site regulary updates sensory-friendly events in the area. 



At Wildwood, respect, integrity, creativity, and holism are more than just words — they're at the core of everything we do.

Our Wildwood Values Award for Integrity was recently presented to Deana Breen, Administrative Assistant to our COO. Integrity means doing the right thing in an honest and reliable way, and adhering to the standards and rules of you given role or profession — traits that shine through in everything Deana does.


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