This week the Indira Singh Legacy Award was presented to Bonnie McKeown. The award recognizes a staff who exhibits the committment, dedication and creativity that Indira did in her work at Wildwood. 


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Bridget Chiaramonte
Business Development Liaison

Bridget Chiaramonte

Business Development Liaison

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With decades of combined experience, we understand jobs. Many of our Employment Specialists have backgrounds in education, human resources, workforce development, or a specific trade. We are here to help people succeed in their careers and make your business a better place because of it.

                  Every year Wildwood conducts a survey to give people the chance to let us know how we are doing. This year 164 people who receive supports and 192 family members or caregivers responded to the survey.

                  The results were very encouraging. We are happy to report that 97% of those polled said they would recommend Wildwood to someone else. We are very proud that such a high percentage of those we support answered in this way.

                  Respect is one of the organization’s key values. People believe that the staff is respectful because 98% responded that they felt respectfully treated most or all of the time. At the same time, 93% of respondents reported that they are getting the help they need, most or all of the time.

                  “If we voice a concern with something, they always do something about it,” a family member said in their comments.

                  Ninety percent agreed that their supports are helping them to be more independent, most or all of the time and 96% said that their questions are answered in a timely fashion.  Working closely with families and helping people develop their goals is a very important part of Wildwood’s mission. Ninety-two percent of those responding agreed, most or all of the time, that that is a reality at Wildwood.

                  A consistent message throughout the survey responses was that staff shortages can be problematic. Our human resources department has developed a detailed strategic plan to reduce turnover and to attract quality people to work at Wildwood. In this past year we also added a new Training and Staff Development Department.  This department is working with all levels of staff to help them develop greater competencies and expertise in their jobs and careers.The creation of the Training and Staff Development  Department came about in large part because of feedback we've received, like the responses in past satisfaction surveys.

       There are some new faces in Wildwood's leadership. We'd like to introduce you to some new members of the Wildwood team. We welcome Bill LeForestier as Director of Wildwood School, Tracy Blowers as Director of Training and Staff Development, and Mark Armstrong as the Strategic Director of Home/Housing Supports.



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