Every year, the second week in September is reserved to honor and celebrate Direct Support Professionals. DSPs are the special individuals who carry out Wildwood’s mission through their support of people in community residences, day supports, recreation activities, community habilitation, respite programs and in our transportation department. 

This week is valued by everyone at Wildwood. Families and volunteers provided gift cards for the daily raffle with surprises for local restaurants, retail shops and events. Our CEO, Lou Deepe and our COO, Lisa Getman shared heartfelt messages to start the week and the Communications Department produced a new video that not only thanked our DSPs but also let everyone know how important they are.  CBS6 news featured a segment about the importance of DSPs and highlighted the work they do with video footage from Wildwood. Each supervisor in every location recognized their DSPs in their own unique way and our Facebook DSP week tribute reached over 7,000 people.

DSPs support people in becoming more independent, through enhancing social skills, and  providing a safe and consistent home structure. They keep the people we support safe during transport, and they help them find meaningful employment opportunities. They are friends, family, counselors, confidants and they are always there. 

Although DSP week has concluded, it is important that we continue to show our support and appreciation every single day. And if you know someone who has what it takes to be a good DSP, please send them our way.

This week, we salute our DSPs for the amazing work they do for our agency 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We wanted everyone to know just how important our DSPS are and the things these professionals do by creating a special video to showcase all their hard work. Click here to watch:


Adult Education classes will be offered this fall online! Over 20 courses that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home- no travel involved. Classes are open to the public. An especially exciting offering is the College Connection Reading tutoring. 

Check out all of the details here: files/AL_Registration_Form_Fall_2021.pdf

Registration deadline is: 9/15/21. 

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By Michelle A. Brown


Another successful Legislative Day was held on March 4, 2021. It was quite different from last year, as we could not visit our legislators in person, however the first virtual experience was both productive and extremely positive. Representatives from Wildwood met with a combination of legislators and legislative aids; several of them spoke about family members with disabilities. It was clear that these officials had an understanding of both the challenges people with disabilities experience, and the importance of restoring funds to the disability community and its essential workforce. 


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