By Rebecca Shurtleff

As everyone has made the transition to learning and working from home, the need to connect and communicate has never been greater. This comes paired with a heavier reliance on technology – more specifically, the internet. Online platforms have become a key component of Wildwood’s outreach. In addition to sharing regular updates and information via social media, email, and the original Wildwood website, the Foundation has found ways to host fundraising events; the school has created their own resource site with educational and fun activities; and Wildwood has started to utilize Google Sites in an effort to branch out and share resources specific to COVID-19 with staff and families.

The Wildwood Foundation is excited to launch the Catalog of Giving!

To view this virtual experience, please click here.

The Catalog of Giving was created in response to needs that have emerged as a result of the current environment. It is a creative, online alternative to the Spring Gala, Wildwood’s biggest annual fundraiser.

Presented by The Partners of Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP and proudly honoring Wildwood’s community partner C.T. Male Associates, the catalog features highlights of inspiring work from our staff, as well as areas where Wildwood could use the generosity and support of the community.

We hope you will join us in viewing the catalog and supporting Wildwood, so that we can stay at our best and continue to be a beacon of hope in our community. 


Yoga for Individuals and Families is an opportunity to join me and others for a weekly 20-30 minute class. You can come alone or with a family member or loved one. All postures can be practiced individually and/or together. We will also practice mudras (hand gestures), chanting, pranayama (breath) and meditation. My hope is that you will feel more relaxed, at ease and sleep better following our time together.

Location: Google Meet

My Home to Your Home

Wednesdays at 4 pm, 6 sessions


May 13, May 20, May 27, June 10, June 17, June 24


For questions and to RSVP: Contact Michelle Singh at

Congratulations to Pam Hojohn, Winner of the Carolee Wilson Scholarship Award! 

Shared initially by Jennifer Guernsey: 

The Carolee Wilson Scholarship Award is given in memory of Carolee Wilson. Carolee was a teacher and coordinator at Wildwood School, known for being an innovator. This leadership was instrumental in helping create the educational program at the school until the mid-1990s. Her individualized and creative teaching style reached even the most challenging students. When Carolee passed away, her family endowed a scholarship to recognize excellence and creativity in a promising new teacher.

"Pam is a promising new teacher in the intermediate program level. Pam is in her second year as a classroom teacher at Wildwood School.  Pam is an all-inclusive, ambitious teacher who is constantly finding innovative ways to engage her students in learning. Pam has taken on challenging and dynamic classes with respect and integrity. She has very high expectations for all of her students, challenging them to meet their highest level of potential. Pam appreciates the unique qualities that each of her students possess and has been willing to try many different approaches to best meet their needs. When developing instruction, Pam recognizes the bigger picture and promotes independence that will serve her students well into their future. Pam is always open minded and seeks out new community experiences to help her students gain independent and functional life skills.  She works collaboratively with her team to ensure that effective approaches are being used to encourage her students’ acquisition of skills. Pam goes above and beyond to maintain quality relationships with families and recognizes the importance of their partnership in developing meaningful programs for her students. Pam shows up to school each day ready to give it her all and is an integral part of our holistic mission at Wildwood. She and her team are always willing to help out other classrooms in need, no matter what program level.  Pam is a valuable asset to Wildwood’s educational team; she is a highly effective leader, special education teacher, a wonderful person and a worthy recipient of the Carolee Wilson Scholarship."

A new website has been created to help everyone access information and resources shared by Wildwood's staff in one collective place.
To view the site, please visit:

The site will provide comprehensive and up-to-date information, health and community resources, educational and "keep busy" activities to do at home, and articles written by staff, among other things. It's our hope that these resources may assist you in navigating the challenging times that we are currently facing.

Additional resources will be added and updated frequently, so keep checking back! 


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