Q: Is there a live event that I need login credentials for? 

A: No! The Catalog of Giving will premiere beginning on April 16th and can be accessed by clicking HERE or a


Q: I am having trouble accessing the Catalog of Giving and need help. 

A: Please contact Jennifer Lawrence at 518-836-2318 or for assistance. 


Q: I want to donate but don’t feel comfortable giving on a credit card. 

A: We take our donors’ security concerns seriously and offer a safe online donation platform, but if you are uncomfortable, you can support the Catalog of Giving by sending a check (note “Catalog of Giving” as a memo, please) to:

Wildwood Foundation 

1190 Troy Schenectady Rd 

Latham, NY 12110


Q: I missed the Catalog of Giving dates (April 22nd-25th ); can I still view and support it?

A: Yes! The Catalog and donation forms are still available at and will remain there for at least a few weeks.


Q: What programs does the Catalog of Giving support? 

A: The Catalog of Giving is our virtual alternative to the annual Spring Gala which is Wildwood’s largest annual fundraiser. All funds make a critical difference and go directly to the programs, people and staff that Wildwood supports. 


Visionary Partner:

Q: What is a Visionary Partner? 

A: We are offering donors to join us as Visionary Partners this year in lieu of our traditional Honorary Committee. As this event has continued to evolve we have made some changes and hope you enjoy these new benefits. 


Q: What are Party Packs?

A: Our wonderful vendor, Gather & Graze, will curate individual charcuterie boxes with local products. Party Packs can be ordered in 2 or 4 servings and will be delivered or shipped to you.


Q: I don’t live in the area, can I still join?

A: Yes, of course! Your Party Pack might vary from those received locally, but we will ship one out to you. 


Q: My billing address is different from where I would like my Party Pack delivered. 

A: No problem! Please indicate that on your commitment form, or reach out to Jennifer Lawrence at 518-836-2318 or


Q: Do I have to receive a Party Pack?  Can I gift a Party Pack for someone else?

A: No! We can direct all of your gift to Wildwood and you can party on your own! 

Wildwood’s Strategic Guide



Our Goal (What we want to do):  Wildwood will advocate for and advance the wellbeing of the people we support, our workforce, and our culture.


Our Plan (How we will do it):

People We Support


What: Wildwood will evolve and adapt to the changing needs of those we currently support, as well as those seeking, but not yet receiving, our services.


Why: The people we currently support, as well as their families, rely on Wildwood and deserve to receive high-quality supports for as long as possible. Those who seek Wildwood’s services are doing so because of Wildwood’s long-standing reputation of providing exceptional, creative, person-centered supports. They deserve, whenever possible, the opportunity to access the supports they seek.


How (Examples of how we will meet this goal): Upgrade our facilities to accommodate changing physical needs; invest in additional clinical resources; expand collaborations with community partners; expand the breadth of support responses to individual needs.




What: Wildwood will strengthen its efforts to build a competent, motivated, fulfilled workforce.


Why: Without a stable, well-trained, engaged workforce, nothing Wildwood seeks to accomplish is possible. Wildwood must make the same commitment to the staff who bring its mission to life every day as it does to the people and families it supports. The longer that the agency can retain quality staff, the better the lives of the individuals and families that Wildwood supports will be.


How (Examples of how we will meet this goal): Nurture work-life balance, build career ladders, increase pay, evolve Wildwood’s benefits package and offer meaningful, relevant opportunities for training and skill development.




What: Wildwood will seek to preserve, protect and strengthen its very special, unique, family-founded culture of holism, acceptance, inclusiveness, transparency, and innovation.


Why: All of Wildwood’s stakeholders have built, invested in and committed to Wildwood’s founding values and lasting culture. They deserve a firm commitment to preserve the best of the agency’s past, and to be fully invested and involved in its future.   Transparent communication among all stakeholders is essential to Wildwood’s success.


How (Examples of how we will meet this goal): Facilitate ongoing opportunities for stakeholder groups to come together in regular, meaningful and organic dialogue to share information and define future goals; utilize videos and social media to share progress and successes with individuals, families and staff; encourage social interactions and opportunities for shared learning among the entire Wildwood Family; and seek and nurture strategic partnerships and shared collaborations with other community-based organizations.


Our Pledge:  Over the next two years, operating within a sound fiscal framework, sharing accountability with one another, and using measurable outcomes and ongoing data monitoring, Wildwood commits to this plan, in order to strengthen Wildwood and its future, and to ensure that Wildwood lives up to its fundamental, foundational and timeless promise to address the ever-changing needs of the people, families and staff at the heart of its mission and work, with Respect, Integrity, Creativity and Holism.





The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Wildwood Programs, Inc. (“Wildwood”)  expects the highest possible standards of excellence, quality and effectiveness from Wildwood in the performance of its work, and the pursuit of its mission.  


To that end,  the Board, working in collaboration with Wildwood’s Management Team, Strategic Directions Team and other stakeholder groups, will regularly review the relevance of Wildwood’s strategic goals and objectives with respect to the fulfillment of its mission, and will conduct periodic assessments of Wildwood’s programs, performance and effectiveness, at least every two years, to assist in identifying additional actions that may be required to achieve that mission.

About Us

Find out how Wildwood's Employment Team prepares and supports your future workforce

Wildwood's Work

Our Employment Team helps job seekers with disabilities find and maintain work that is meaningful to them. Since 1984, we have provided a full array of employment services that help prepare a candidate for work before referring them to your business. These services include:

  • Job Assessments
  • Skills Training
  • Career Exploration
  • Benefits Planning
  • Career Advisement
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Prep

  • Workforce Partners

    We depend on strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with the business community. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping businesses understand the full benefit of inclusive employment. Partnerships currently span over 300 businesses across the Capital Region. Typical sectors include:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Human and Public Services
  • Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Administrative fields

  • More Ways to Connect

    While paid employment is our primary focus, our partners can also help jobseekers explore the world of work through

  • Job Tours
  • Guest Speaking
  • Training Opportunities
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Providing Volunteer Work (nonprofits only)

  • How Can You Help? Donate Today! Donate