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Looking to recruit qualified candidates to your workforce?


Wildwood’s Workforce Development Specialist can work one-on-one with your hiring manager to help recruit talented candidates that best fit your business’ needs. If you choose to interview and hire, Wildwood can support individuals throughout their training period and thereafter to ensure you are getting the most of your new employee.


Looking to Host Internships or Try Outs?


Get to know if a worker is right for you by providing hands on training in an industry where students would like to become employed. Internships can be arranged to be paid or unpaid and Wildwood can help ensure your business is following labor regulations while provide meaningful experiences to workers in training. Wildwood staff can also assist you beyond any typical training and will work directly with the interns you choose to onboard.


Looking to share your knowledge about work?


Offer real-life work tours to expose individuals to the world of work. A tour of your business, facility or program is a quick and easy way to get involved while allowing potential workers to see what skills and experiences are needed to succeed in your business or industry.


Looking to gain motivated volunteers?


Non-profit organizations can collaborate with Wildwood to obtain additional help in work they need completed. Whether you are looking for one volunteer who works occasionally or multiple volunteers who work weekly, we can assist you with finding workers who are carefully matched based on your needs.




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Meet one-on-one with Wildwood’s Workforce Development Specialist to brainstorm how your business can partner with Wildwood today. 

Bridget Kennedy 
Workforce Development Specialist

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