Summer Extension Program

The Wildwood Summer Extension Program is a comprehensive program, which addresses extended school year goals and related services.  The summer extension program serves students who attend Wildwood School, as well as students who attend other special education programs during the school year and operates across three locations.


  • Curry Road Extension, Schenectady – Serves students 5-17 years old in an indoor, climate controlled environment.  Through their educational program, students receive related services and have access to outdoor learning environments.
  • Leesome Lane, Altamont – Serves students 5-17 years old in an outdoor educational environment that includes classrooms in open pavilions, all related services and physical activity on hiking trails, ball fields, a pond and a swimming pool.
  • Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham – Serves students 18-21 years old who learn in classrooms and community environments designed to prepare them for graduation and beyond.
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