Wildwood believes that each person should have the opportunity to work and/or participate in meaningful ways within their communities. To support people in building the lives they want, Wildwood maintains a Vocational Continuum of services which allow each person to build skills and receive supports that are responsive to their specific needs and goals.

What is the Goal of Day Services?

The goal of Day Supports at Wildwood provide an environment in which people can be involved in meaningful activities that allow them to grow and learn, pursue personal goals and interests, gain greater independence and make a contribution to their community.  Individuals participate in a variety of group activities designed to address their personal goals.
Broad choices of activities are offered Monday through Friday and include community service, arts, recreation, culinary, and vocational skill-building.  Programs are deeply embedded in the community allowing individuals  to build relationships and form bonds.Staff provide transportation from people’s homes at the beginning of the day and back again at day’s end.  

Wildwood Without Walls (The Wow Program) provides support for individuals by spending their entire day in the community.   Throughout the day, individuals participate in broad choices of activities including community service, arts, recreation, culinary, and vocational skill-building. Staff provide transportation from people’s homes at the beginning of the day and back again at day’s end. 
Site-based programs are in Colonie, East Greenbush and Halfmoon. WoW programming takes place throughout Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady and Saratoga counties.

For information about Wildwood’s Day Services, contact Matt McMorris at Mmcmorris@wildwoodprograms.org.

Employment Services

The goal of employment services is to support people as they search for  and attain employment through things like resume writing, interview preparation, application assistance and onsite coaching. Through community-based work assessments, training and internships, employment services help people get ready for and find competitive employment. Employment Services depends on strong partnerships with the business community and it helps employers to understand the value of hiring people with disabilities and  realize the full benefit of inclusive employment.

For businesses interested in more information please visit:  business.wildwoodprograms.org

Employment Service may be available to anyone who is of working age and has been diagnosed with a disability. Wildwood receives referrals from  Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) and the Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities  (OPWDD.) 

Throughout the Capital District.

For questions about Wildwood’s OPWDD Employment Programs, contact Paula Martelle, Director of Employment Services, at  518.640.3339. 

For questions about Wildwood’s ACCES-VR Services, contact Sara Morabito, Employment Manager, at 518.640.3319.

Wildwood Transportation

Wildwood’s Transportation Department provides transportation from a person’s home to their site-based Day Program, and back again.

For questions about Wildwood Transportation, contact Kirk VanOrman, Transportation Services Manager, at 518.640.3397.

Questions about Vocational and Day Services?


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