Self-Direction is a fully encompassing person-centered planning program that puts the individual and their family in the driver’s seat of service delivery.   Self-Direction allows an individual of any age to direct their own supports and services. The individual with the support of their Circle of Support, which includes a staff person called a Broker assists the individual and their loved ones in developing and navigating service options to create and maintain a budget to support the individual’s goals and needs based on a detailed person-centered plan.

An individual has the ability to self-hire staff under programs of Community Habilitation, Respite, and/or SEMP services.  Individuals also have the ability to allocate funds towards developing personal goals and interests, which may include, but are not limited to taking classes or becoming a member of a local group.  Adults who are looking to live on their own may also be eligible for a housing subsidy and may use their budget to assist in covering some costs of living on their own.

Questions About Self Direction?


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