About Us

Wildwood Programs’ Vocational Services help people with intellectual disabilities to find and maintain meaningful work, at competitive wages, in their own communities. Since 1984, Wildwood Programs has provided a full array of employment services, including community-based assessments, career exploration, benefits planning, resume writing, interview preparation, soft-skills training, application assistance, and supported employment both on-site and off-site as needed.

Vocational Services at Wildwood depend on strong partnerships with the business community. Wildwood helps employers understand the value of hiring people with disabilities and ensures that businesses realize the full benefit of inclusive employment. Through these partnerships, the people we support are able to actively contribute to their local workforce in a way that matches their skills, interests, and talents.

While paid work is a focus for many, Wildwood’s Vocational Services also includes helping individual explore the world of work through hosting business tours, developing training opportunities, or volunteering with local nonprofits. If you are interested in partnering in this way, please contact us.